Ages 5 to Young Adult is the age bracket that FDM is most targeted towards.

We aim to have an attendance of at least 5, the maximum attendace is only dependant on the size of the area in which the workshops will be held.

No. Most participants of FDM haven’t danced before. FDM is designed and taught in a way that is accessible for everyone.

In churches and schools, Christian Hip-hop/Pop or Contemporary worship songs will be used depending on the dance styles that are being taught, in the context of Welfare Organisations, the music will relay a positive message and will be non-explicit.

FDM does not have its own studio where regular classes are held. FDM is often conducted within church, school or welfare programs in different locations across Australia. We come to you. In churches and schools, FDM is not only faith through dance, but also faith with dance. In churches and schools there is a message element to FDM workshops, as well as a dance component.

There are a number of pastors, teachers and welfare workers who are willing to answer any concerns you may have about the quality of the program, who have witnessed the program in action. If you would like a second opinion, please let us know and we can put you in touch with them. There is also a testimonials page within the proposal, which can be found on the contacts page

FDM’s view of the Bible is inline with that of OM’s; FDM’s governing body. You can read OM’s statement of faith here. FDM is a non-denominational ministry and therefore, does not speak on content where views or opinions of that content may differ depending on the denomination involved.

Justin grew up in the church and significantly grew in faith around age 14 through attending youth camps. He then proceeded to lead on these camps and a number of local and overseas trips before completing an honors in spirituality and social work. Justin has worked for organisations such as MMAD (Musicians Making a Difffernce) and The Salvation Army as a Case Manager before starting Freestyle Dance Ministry in 2016.

Yes, we can adjust the material accordingly. However 3 months notice is desired as FDM may be on the road prior to visiting your church/school/organisation and therefore, adjusting the program accordingly may need to be done far in advance depending on your needs.

OM is a world-wide Christian mission organisation, whose desire is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers amongst the least reached. You can read more about OM specifically here.

FDM aspires to continued relationships with churches/schools/organisations into the future, however FDM does do one-off events and workshops on occasion. FDM will often begin with a program that is between 1-4 workshops in length with a particular group and then continue that relationship on an annual basis.

Yes, the program is flexible depending on the communities’ needs and capacities

Please send an enquiry through to with what you would specifically like to know about the content so that I can provide you with the information you desire.

Justin, the lead instructor, will always be present. Depending on where you are geographically located, and the structure of the program, more members of the FDM may be present. Cost of the program is not dependant on this.

Yes. However, if there is a space with built in speakers that you often use for workshops/seminars, this may be the most appropriate space to hold the workshops.

There are different costs depending on the structure of the program (for example, how many workshops, how many young people etc.) FDM keeps its fees as low as possible and does this through input from donors. Please complete the booking form for a quote.

FDM is determined not to let finances get in the way! If you’re able to let us know what your budget is we can attempt to make a program appropriate for that budget. For the purpose of long-term sustainability, FDM asks that the participating church/school contribute towards the cost of the program. We may be able to access extra funding for your church/school/organisation depending on where you are contacting us from.

Yes, please complete the booking form here anyway, exact dates can be discussed once you have expressed interest in having FDM. Please note however that bookings can only be confirmed by FDM recieving payment of the deposit.

Please click here to complete our booking form

Sorry about that! Please contact so we can answer your question!

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