Students become competent in expressing their faith through the gift of dance

Relationships are formed between FDM, the students and community

The strengthening of individuals and community through discipleship

An increased desire in students to pursue an intimate relationship with God

The sharing of faith and discipleship of non-believers

Opportunities to join a mission-focused dance crew

Linked outreach opportunities for students locally, nationally and internationally through Operation Mobilisation (OM)

Training to become instructors at Freestyle Dance Ministry

' Freestyle Dance Ministry provided a fantastic workshop for our students.

Our students of different ages and genders greatly enjoyed the experience. Not only did students increase their dance skills and have fun, they saw how artistic pursuits can be used to bring glory to God and spread his message.

Justin is a great presenter whose faith in God and passion for dance is infectious. '

Tom Brennen, Principal, Sunshine Christian School
Outcomes | Freestyle Dance Ministry