The FDM program is exciting and engaging. FDM uses dance as the tool of engagement, and the Bible as the tool for teaching.
The Freestyle Dance Ministry Program often takes place over the course of a week, with multiple workshops occurring throughout the week, culminating in a worship presentation for your community.

FDM sessions include topics such as:

Dancing to the beat of Christ

3G Connection

God Culture

Dance as worship

Dancing Disciples

`` It was unlike anything our youth have really experienced before, it was really good for them...we should definitely do it again ``

Program 1

Session 1: Dancing to the beat of Christ
Session 2: Gift- Grow- Go
Session 3: Dancing as worship
Session 4: Dancing to love others

Program 2

Session 5: How do we move like Jesus?
Session 6: Dance Culture
Session 7: Dancing to save
Session 8: Dancing Disciples

Every Workshop Includes:

Dance Instruction
Christian Message
Group Activity/Discussion

Throughout the week

Freestyle Dance Ministry conducts a number of activities throughout the week to support the weekly workshop including:

  • Bible Studies
  • 1 on 1 Discipleship
  • Dance Practice Sessions
  • Community Events
* Workshop length is 1 hour
* Workshops can be on a 'one-off basis' or 'trial class' basis and can include performances, ice breaker games, practical application activities, and Q & A time
* Charge rate is dependent upon workshop numbers:
6-10 Students: $100 Flat rate
11 or more students: $10 per student
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